Woodland Chihuahua’s
Alexander Chihuahua’s
Woodland Chihuahua’s
Alexander Chihuahua’s
Long hair Chihuahua
AAA Chihuahua's and Chi-a-poo's offers show quality
AKC purebred pedigree puppies. Our puppies come from
grand champion lines and are well known for their
extraordinary sweet and gentle temperaments, we believe
this is directly related to the environment we provide them
from birth.
Woodland Chihuahua’s and Alexander Chihuahua and
are bred for pet and show quality,
aaachihuahuas.com located in North Carolina - near
Charlotte, NC providing Chihuahua breeding services
throughout the east coast of the United States.
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about us.
Chihuahua / Poodle Hybrid Dogs
The Chi-Poo is a cross between the Chihuahua and the
Poodle. The best way to determine the temperament of a
mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know
you can get any combination of any of the characteristics
found in either breed.

All of my Chi-a-poo puppies are 50% purebred poodle to
50% purebred long coat
Chihuahua. They are low to
no-shed dogs, very sweet, loving, also good with kids and
cats. I only use the AKC long coat Chihuahua and an AKC
Poodle so that you get a softer wavy coat on your Chi-a-poo.

Chi a poo is a Specialty Designer Pup that is a mix between
Chihuahua and a Poodle.
For all you Chihuahua lovers with allergies here's your
answer. By mixing with the Poodle you now have a non
shedding hypoallergenic puppy. You can enjoy a breed you
love and not have hair shedding all over your clothes and
no more allergies.
Poodle also calms the Chihuahua down and makes them
even more lovable.
We breed CKC puppies as well as AKC puppies.
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AAAChihuahua's and Chi-a-poo's,AKC purebred pedigree puppies
Alexander Chihuahuas
Woodland's Lilly female chihuahua
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